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Part Marking

Allows traceability and machine-readable identification for tracking throughout the manufacturing process and the supply chain. DPM is a process to permanently mark parts with product information including; logos, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, Data Codes, Barcodes, Dates and pretty much anything you can think of.

Some of the available types of DPM Cleveland Studios offers are:

  • Laser Marking (Engraving)
  • Mill Engraving
  • Dot Peen
  • Diamond Drag Engraving
  • Stencils

Laser Marking

Laser marking gives a great contrast and readability on practically any material. This is quite a flexible type of part marking and such can be used for barcode marking and is great for the reproduction of logos and other complex markings

Mill Engraving

Mill engraving is a very legible type of engraving especially if it is then in-filled with our black fill. This is a great way to make VIN codes and letters so that they will last and stand out.

Dot Peen

Dot peen is a highly permanent marking made by pneumatically driving a stylus onto the surface of the material. The impact physically imprints into the surface of the material creating a permanent mark, which can withstand a post-plating process.

Diamond Drag Engraving

Diamond drag deeply scratches the surface of materials that are hard wearing such as stainless steel that cant normally be mill engraved very easily or if they are costly. This marking isn't suitable for moving parts.


We can create a wide range of stencils from vinyl, brass or flexible polypropylene for marking a wide range of objects.

See below some examples of our processes, as well as some use cases.