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Direct Part Marking

Allows traceability and machine readable identification throughout the manufacturing process, and supply chain.

CSL use one of the following means for DPM depending on the product size and material and the environment that it is to be used in:-

Laser Marking

Laser Marking gives great contrast and readability. Good for logos, barcodes and Q codes.

Mill Engraving

Great contrast and very legible if letters filled with etching paint. Good for VIN plates

UV Print & Thermal Transfer

Full colour images . Good to be used on items that are not subject to high wear. Decorative.

Diamond Drag

Diamond Drag marking deeply scratched the surface. Not suitable for moving parts

Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen Marking made by pneumatically driven styles denting the surface with alpha letters and numbers only


Made from either flexible Vinyl, rigid polypropylene or aluminium. Reusable. Great for making large items with fixed data. Ideal for post code marking of trailers, caravans & hourseboxes.