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UV Printing & What We Use it For

UV Printing & What We Use it For

What is UV Printing

UV printing is the act of printing ink onto a substance and the having an ultraviolet light cure or set the ink instantly. This means that you can do any work on the print immediately after printing unlike some of our other printers that need up to 12 hours for the print to be fully dry. This is time-consuming but since our UV printer helps us with the setting process this means that we can turn around products in a day or two that would have normally take four plus days. UV printing brings quite a few benefits over standard printing these are that the print is a lot more durable and can actually flex with the product without cracking.

What do we use our UV printer for?

We use our printer for a wide range of products like; Name badges (You can see our post about this here), door signs, metal plates, small signage, photo id badges, dog tags and much much more. Below you can see a few of our products that we have done. 

Are you in need of an object to be printed on to contact us on our website here

Some of our products which are UV printed are below:

Door signs, Name Badges, Signage, Photo Id Cards.