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New Creative Laser Tag Job

New Creative Laser Tag Job

Check out our latest custom tag job

This is just something that I have been working on today and I thought it came our really nice. I just wanted to talk you all through the process since some of you may find this interesting. Also if you would like to order something similar with your own logo on feel free to contact us over at our online store.

Now to get into what we needed to do. Our client came to us and asked if we would be able to create a laser engraved tag with this image on it.

So what I had to do was import the file our client sent us into Corel draw and make it roughly ready for the first test on the laser engraver. This meant taking out any backgrounds and applying on to one of our tags cut boxes so we can laser straight on to the tag. You can see below of the image being engraved.

So you can see below the outcome of that tag and where I needed to make adjustments to the image. 

So as you can see that it came out ok but not to the standard I would have liked. If you can see along the top the music sheet lines didn't come out really well and some of the detail on the dragon and wolf. As for the centre, the lines really weren't visible and the text was too close together. So I had to go back into Corel and changed the thicknesses of lines and rearranged some of the detail below you can see the different test that we did. 

I did a fair few revisions till I got to the stage I was happy with. You can see the final product below. 

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