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About the badge process at Cleveland Studios

About the badge process at Cleveland Studios
The badges at Cleveland Studios use a variety of steps to produce a high-quality badge. We also use specific tools that help us reduce the turnaround rate that makes our badges get sent out in 3-5 days.

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Graphics / Badge setup

First things first we have to setup and create the customer's badge which is done in multiple ways either the customer sends us the artwork and shape of the badge or we create one for them with our in-house graphic designer. This is then exported as an EPS so that our printing software can print straight on to our badge sub-straight.Screenshot of graphic designers workspace in Corel draw.
Screenshot of graphic designers workspace in corel draw.


On to our printing stage here is where we use our UV printer to print onto our badge sub-straight. Once the material is set in the machine we send our EPS that we saved before off to the machine and we let the printer do the rest. Since this is a UV printer it prints a fair bit differently compared to standard printers. This is due to the UV in needing to be cured and this is done with a flash of UV light over it after the ink has to be laid down. 


After we have printed them it's next on to our cutting stage. First, we have to back the sheet of badges with some low tack masking tape this prevents burning on the back of the badges. Once this has been done we have to then place it onto the honeycomb in our laser cutter this will cut out the badges precisely. For our alignment for the laser, we have a little green circle that we cut around and move the job in our laser software so that it has cut out that circle perfectly. 

Prep for enamelling

This is the stage where it is really important to check the badges and see if they have any mistakes or imperfections since once the badge is enamelled we can get any little bits out since they are cured to the sub-straight. What this prep ensures is colour checking alignment checks and cleaning of the badge for all specs of dirt and residue. 


This stage is probably the most temperamental since it requires a certain temperature for the enamel to be liquid and then set. The enamelling process is applying the liquid to the badge, then flashing over the top of them all. Flashing is removing any air bubbles trapped in the liquid. 

If you have liked how the process is for creating our badges then why not go over to our site and order a new badge today.

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